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Sometimes technology is wonderful

By Cynthia Smith

Who said You Can't teach an old Dog New Tricks?  For the past two weeks, I have been in training with my new Jitterbug smart phone.

What a miracle device! For one thing, I can send communications JUST BY SPEAKING INTO IT!

Do you fellow senior citizens who deal with hand, voice, movement tremors, know what a helping feature that single program is?  Prior to using this, I'd have to point/choose alphabet letters and at least half the time need to point many times to get the right letter. (Over and over).

Now, with this brilliant feature. I just say the word(s) and they appear, waiting to be read by my kids or my other friends when the text arrives.  What a blessing for shaky old ME or carrying this forward, think of the injured, the disabled, the others who are homebound, wheelchair dependent who have little or no motor control. This feature would allow them as much ability to communicate as wanted.  As my daughter in law said to me, 'this is not new, it's been available a long time'.

Well, it is NEW to ME.  And I just love it.  Whatever helps me in feeling as competent as others, like being able to send a message to anyone as this text message generated by speaking aloud?  It feels super to me!

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