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Are you stressed? NO! Well maybe

By Cynthia Smith

Does stress affect your thinking?  It sure does mine!

Can't tell you how much my moving has impacted me - misplacing things, having to buy and replace things like shoe horns, desk calculators, air fresheners (all of which I had but, cannot locate now).

Well, my disabled son in Minneapolis was without a job a couple of months and he finally got one that was working out so we were celebrating the fact.

Yesterday - he received his first paycheck -nearly $300.  Today he called me to let me know he couldn't find it!

Realizing that this was probably stressing him out, and thus he wouldn't need ME freaking him out also, I began calmly asking him the normal questions: where did he last have it? etc., and all you would think to ask.

Incredibly he had already talked to payroll, asked if they could void and replace his check, taking each step that was needed to do. Maybe this was NOT THE FIRST TIME HE HAS GONE THROUGH THIS PROCEDURE???? which could be a possibility).

Stress throws a monkeywrench into the best thought out plan, or organized day.

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