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At least I can be heard

By Cynthia Smith

iT APPEARS THAT many people in Crawford county and beyond still are concerned about the prospect or hope of a possible pig farm operation that is looking toward numbers that equal a CAFO site of over the current limit.

AT the regular meeting, not an empty chair was left.  I did not get a head count - possibly fifty or sixty residents filled the Town Hall (Marietta).

If any conclusion was reached on the issue at hand, it escaped me - the Board said they were going to table it for now and those wanting no approved pig farm will have to bring their wishes to Crawford County.

Love our form of government: everyone gets heard.  That does not mean that "right” always wins; just observe the open hearing of witnesses in our national Congress taking place now.  I don't know about all of you out there, but when the leader of the country TWITTERS A NEGATIVE STATEMENT DURING a witnesses' testimony, I came close to losing my aging brain!

At Crawford County I have a better chance of being heard I think.  Ooh, wait.  I must check out where I should vote in 2020, since I recently moved and want to make sure I DO GET HEARD.

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