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Almost spring is like almost pregnant

By Cynthia Smith

The signs are tempting but I AM NOT SUCCUMBING YET.  It might be sunny, even mild and warm, but it isn't Spring yet!  It managed to drop seven inches of snow just to emphasize the point that winter still rules.

But, the other day when we were over 50 degrees? Man, I thought I could see real signs: the cardinals were whistling to each other.  I waited to see a honeybee, but in vain.

Don't think I'll get fooled again as I have past years, so eager for Spring that I put out pots of annuals, and they all died from freezing when temperatures bottomed out.

I can wait. Soon enough I will be putting on the A/C and voicing my usual complaints when the sweat drips in my pits and my white linens discolor in the heat.  I will return to the dinners of cold chicken salads, or pasta, and no red meat unless slammed on my Weber over seven minutes a side, a tender ribeye.

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