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If technology would only stand-still for a bit

By Cynthia Smith

I do not learn as easily as I did when I was  20.
I do not learn as easily as I did when I was forty.

In fact, learning is so much harder now at 80 that I do not really attempt to battle through the process anymore.  I am stumped at so many projects, e.g., my changing from one kind of computer (apple) to another type (windows PC) and then going onward to a "smart" phone.

It is so difficult for me.  I've been scolded for printing things that should be private when I did NOT use "messenger'.

More often than not, I have goofed and put a message out there for ALL  to see.
Sooner than later, it was bound to happen -- mea culpa all over the place.

I'll keep trying (learning, that is) and forgive my amateur status in all things that fall into the technology spectrum.  I'm old.

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