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In this area we live social distancing

By Cynthia Smith

Has your church stopped Passing the Peace?  Did your discussion group stop meeting? Now I may never know the Founding Fathers of Boscobel and where they determined to build the first school as that group no longer meets because of the edicts from our government concerning Corona  Virus.

Imagine the March Madness games with no one cheering - no fans in the stands.

I could hardly be more Socially Distant than I already am.  So, I am lulling any uneasiness to be quiet in the face of the Pandemic Corona Virus numbers -although I did have some GERD symptoms today.  Yesterday I took a risk and traveled with a friend to Dubuque's Hy-Vee and bought some items there.

So, I will attempt to do all the routine things that have been advised on tv.  I mean, gosh! When Mr. USA (Tom Hanks) and his wife test positive? You KNOW that he and Rita washed THEIR hands.

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