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Farmer’s Market bring peacefulness

By Cynthia Smith

It struck me as I left the lot of the local Farmer's Market. The experience was much like being in church or yoga or some form of peaceful meditation.

As I would walk past some young Amish peddlers with their colorful tomatoes and beets, I would imagine the clean garden rows and I imagined how proud and satisfied they were at the result of their labors-and feel a sense of calm myself.

Further down, a woman who had been blessed with patience, displayed her painting skills in little jars and bottles by dotting white paint in perfect configurations on many sized bottles, perfectly in rows, designed as she imagined them for beauty - again a feeling of peacefulness filled me.

Going onward past variously talented booth renters, I was awed by the talents of so many.  The crafters had jewelry items, sewing items, aprons, greeting cards they'd produced, leather goods, and each booth found me feeling peace as I realized their effort making their product.

For those of you struggling with the ordinary anxiety of present day social media angst, the rush of solving back to school issues for kids, strolling down the path of any Farmer's Market You’ll appreciate those who have gotten off the beaten path, to find great benefit for themselves just by walking!

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