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By Cynthia Smith


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Making a breeze the old fashion way

By Cynthia Smith

Editor’s note - This is the last column by Cynthia as health conditions are causing her to relocate.  We wish her all the best.

Everywhere around I see these vehicles that hold two, four or so people; they might have a hard roof or not; some have open sides and hold four riders; some have lights for night trips.

I don’t know why they are all over now - seems to be a fad of some sorts but NOT a vehicle to take out to the back 40 - not what I call a workhorse to help do a messy task.  No, these smaller wheeled things primarily seem to be gas savers that might run an errand to get a gas can filled at the station.  Or take mom and dad down to the DQ for a cone after supper.  Just so you don’t have to get your car out of the garage.

Somehow, I have it in my brain that these cost around ten grand apiece. That could be wrong.

Still, not the cheapest of toys. Americans have always made sure they have toys to fill the boring hours it seems.  I enjoy filling hours with my computer for fun, or my piano for fun, neither of which were economy bargains purchases.

My friends often come by to visit riding their bicycles - I ride my 3 wheeled trike. Those feel good to me as I make a breeze!

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