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I love my Jitterbug

By Cynthia Smith

Just one feature ALONE and I would buy it again = my new smart phone for seniors (Jitterbug). It’s a little simpler but has most of features the other phone have.

The one features that sold me is this: I've had hand tremors for the pasts three years - tried acupuncture which helped them to subside for a while, then that seemed to have lost its efficacy.

Tried an oral med which an acquaintance swore helped his tremors but for me?Nada.
So getting my phone I was delighted that it has a feature that lets me TALK into the phone to send a text, rather than trying to touch the TINY letters on its keyboard.  Tremors are no problem because all I have to do is SPEAK my text words.

I feel this feature has put me back into the good old days when I felt more in charge of my body.  What a good time to be alive.

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