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By Cynthia Smith


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Finding happiness between the bad news

By Cynthia Smith

Is your head spinning? Are you one of the people whose job is gone? Are you teaching school to little ones at home?  I thank the Almighty I am not in any of those category.  All I’ve been stressed about has been no socializing with my friends  - it will be longer in durations it also  appears.

So how’s it going?  Questions are filling my head like what is going to be next? Will we be in a position to ever be tested for the virus?? Do we HAVE testing kits? Every week there is yet another example. I just get totally confused.

My friends have been VERY KIND.  They bring me treats from restaurants. Or a beer to share. (We bask in lawn chairs six feet apart when that is possible and the sun is shining.)

My cat Felix and my son Jeremy keep me laughing with their behaviors and his phone chats.
I gave up on the chance to go to my church via ZOOM- I am too ancient to feel the Spirit, even knowing it is the best substitute for worship since we can’t sit closely in church pews during this pendemic.

Everywhere I look lately I see swans, egrets and other water birds, ducks and more.  Love living here on the flyway and all the creatures that it brings right to us!

Years ago when living in Missouri on Lake Tekakwitha, we fed ducks —the painted turtles would kill their babies by grabbing from underwater and drowning them (then eat them) so my husband paid all the neighbor kids a dollar per dead turtle, to do what he could for the ducks—— we also shot the turtles.  Sometimes it is necessary.

I am hoping to get better grass going in my (rented) yard; maybe a couple of potted plants for color, too.  However, I am not nearly the gardener that my friend is - he has raised beds, hoop houses, and when he puts anything in as a crop, he goes overboard.  I think he put in 114 celery plants - that’s a lot of Bloody Marys I think.

Enjoy Spring as much as the Pandemic allows!

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