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Armed man steals truck in Muscoda

Photo Muscoda truck

On 9/29/2020, at 1230 AM, a 2004 Maroon Chevy truck, bearing Farm plate 309548F was stolen from Allied Ready Mix in the Village of Muscoda. The subject seen on video taking the vehicle appears to be armed with an assault rifle and appears to be wearing body armor (see photos below). At this time direction of travel is unknown. If you see the vehicle call police immediately and do not approach the driver or the vehicle.

Photo Muscoda 4
Photo Muscoda 2

Aerial Flyover Clearly Shows Why Pig CAFO II
Proposed Location is Wrong

Still for MWN2Still for MWN2

By Sandy Collins -”
What Could Go Wrong with this Placement of CAFO II?  Let me count the well documented ways!  (Flyover Video)   Now with Narration!

1. The ridgetop’s porous karst geology, gives CAFO pathogens easy access to the water table.
2. Steep slope runoff fans off into gully washers, causing landslides, and flooding basements.
3. Studies show CAFOs pose multiple health risks to families and landowners living nearby.
4. DNR Fish + Wildlife Reserve, Kickapoo River, and Lower Kickapoo Watershed risk pollution.
5. Water is Life. Well owners depend on clean water for their families, animals, and livelihood.
6. Environment of concentrated animal factories encourage virus pathogens to proliferate.
7. Disease spreading insects and vermin, are drawn by stench of manure and rotting carcasses.
8. Airborne pathogen dust exasperates respiratory illnesses, raising physical stress levels.
9. Fog blanketing the Kickapoo valley community will hold in stench and airborne pathogens.
10. Constant drone of exhaust fans and pigs squealing are impediments to enjoying nature sounds.
11. The glow of industrial security lights ruins stargazers view of the clear dark night sky.
12.  Increased heavy truck traffic will impact State, County, and Township roads and budgets.
13.  Loss of property values for residents will lower property tax income for local government.
14.  Environmental degradation discourages eco-tourists, income local business depend on.

There are an estimated 100 families (200-250 people) living within a 2 mile radius  of CAFO II.




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