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Desoto Area Schools under threat

Vernon County Sheriff John B. Spears reports: the Sheriff's Office was notified on December 9, 2019 at about 7:06 a.m. of a social media post from a 17 year old male student which included a possible threat and picture of a firearm. 
   A deputy was able to locate the juvenile at his residence prior to him going to school.  After further investigation he was taken into custody without incident.
   The juvenile appeared in Vernon County Circuit Court where he was ordered not to possess firearms and not to contact Desoto Area Schools.
   The incident remains under investigation by the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office.

Man shot with crossbow

November 29, 2019 - The Westby Police Department reports that today, November 29, 2019 at approximately 01:33AM an Officer of the Westby Police Department, and Deputies from the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to 106 Oak Street in the City of Westby for the report of a 56 year old male that was accidently hit in the face with an arrow.
   Upon further investigation it was discovered that the male party was shot near the nasal cavity by a bolt from a small hand held crossbow. The injuries were not life threatening. Ryan A. Buroker was arrested on scene.
   Agencies that assisted the Westby Police Department at the incident were the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office, Westby First Responders, and Tri State Ambulance Service. This incident remains under investigation.

Marietta Township Board decides to
‘table’ the moratorium vote

Township meeting still

Marietta Township - November 18, 2019 – The Marietta Town board met tonight to decide whether or not to keep a moratorium in place or to drop the moratorium, as suggested by the CAFO owner, Roth Feeder Pigs, Inc.
   A working group created by the board to research what impact the proposed CAFO might have on the health, safety, and well being of local citizens was only a couple of months into it's year charter when the motion to disband the group was presented.
   Forest Jahnke, program coordinator of the Crawford Stewardship Project (CSP) stressed the importance of the working group and made a case for its continuance until the work of the moratorium is completed.  Attorney Adam Voskuil from the Midwest Environmental Advocates (MEA) offered several ordinances they might consider.
   The board seemed ready to end the moratorium until an outpouring of citizen's concerns caused  them to vote to ‘Table’ the motion for an unknown period of time. 
                                                              See Video

Wink, wink, we follow all the rules,
says our local pig CAFO

Pig manure

Update - Clarification: Family farms are not regulated by the DNR, Factory Farm (CAFOs) over a thousand animal units are regulated by the DNR.
November 14, 2019 – We have been assured that all manure from this CAFO is being spread  according to a detailed Nutrient Management Plan that does not allow for over-spreading, improper spreading, and that all manure is knifed into the ground to prevent run-off. While this wet year certainly has  provided challenges to proper application of manure, that is the new climate we have to live with, and this video shows that plans are only  plans, and the reality is often otherwise. We have also been assured by Roth Feeder Pig that if anything wrong were to happen, "the DNR would  shut us down". However knowing what enforcement actually looks like in Wisconsin, we don't expect more than a stern letter in the mail from the DNR as a result of this. 
   Today, a continuous stream of manure trucks left Roth Feeder Pig Inc. farm on Hwy 60 in Wauzeka, WI, and went to snow covered fields near the Pomerening farm property along Hwy 60 where they aerial sprayed pig manure on snow covered fields.  They have claimed publicly in the past that they knife in all their manure into the ground on all fields to prevent run-off. which obviously did not happening here.  Not spraying manure on snow is a basic tenet of DNR rules due to the high risk of pollution runoff as the snow melts.  No wonder our streams are polluted.  See Video



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