Strange things happen in the Driftless area
round Halloween..... you can count on that

Campfire tails

As Halloween approaches, the nights seem to get darker, the forest sounds more strange, shill, and moonlight carries a spooky feeling.  Mysteries and stories are often told on lonely October nights while sitting around a campfire.  Two such stories are told in this video, which will serve as a warning to the wise to take special care during late October if you venture into the Driftless area.  Better not be alone.

Sign Petition to the DNR for an
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the
Proposed Roth Feeder Pig II CAFO in Crawford Co.

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COVID-19 totals for Wisconsin
as of October 25, 2020
Positive Cases: 198,166 (+3,626)
Ever hospitalized: 10,332 (+95)
Deaths: 1,778 (+8)

Crawford County: 308? cases (+8?) No data today

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A Daily Smile

When one door closes and another opens,
you are most likely in prison.

Letters to the Editor
Local Governance and Democracy Inaction?

What’s Good About a CAFO

The proposed facility, when considered with its sister facility, would be the largest hog Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation in the state.  Flyover ll video
   This fact, on its own justifies preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement. However, a robust EIS would also reinforce DNR’s and the Evers Administration’s stated dedication to restoring science based decision-making to the agency.
   This new operation plans to house 8,000 sows and produce 9.4 million gallons of liquid manure each year, and would be located on a narrow karstic ridge above the Kickapoo River.
                          Sign & Share our Google Form Petition*
          *Must be a resident or land owner in Crawford County to sign.

Time Travels

Sandy's Pick 1w

By -

Lover, The Gentle Giant


Two suspects caught in alleged vehicle thefts

Allamakee County, Iowa - On 10/14/2020 at 1:35 a.m., a Postville Police officer attempted to stop a red Chevrolet pickup in the City of Postville. The vehicle attempted to elude the officer and left the City of Postville. An Allamakee County Deputy located the vehicle travelling northbound on Forest Mill Rd.
   The Deputy pursued the vehicle onto Jefferson Road where the driver of the vehicle lost control and entered a ditch. The driver fled from the vehicle. At approximately 2:40 a.m., the driver, identified as Blake Alan Pohlman (31 years of age) of Wes tUnion, Iowa was located and taken into custody.
   The red Chevrolet pickup was reported stolen from Fayette County.Pohlman was charged with 1 count -Driving While License Denied, Suspended or Revoked, 1 count -Theft 2nd Degree, 1 count -Reckless Driving, 1 count –Driving While Barred Habitual Offender and 1 count –Eluding. Pohlman is currently held in the Allamakee County Jail.
   On 10/14/2020 at approximately 11:30 a.m., the Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a stolen vehicle from a residence on Jefferson Road in Allamakee County. A short time later, the stolen vehicle was located in the City of Waukon by an Allamakee County Sheriff’s Deputy.
   Houston Lee Halverson (age 26years of age) of Postville Iowa was arrested in connection to the stolen vehicle. It is alleged that Halverson was a passenger in the red Chevrolet pickup and had fled from the scene and had allegedly stolen the vehicle from a residence near the location of the prior incident. Halverson was charged with 1 count –Theft 1st Degree, 1count -Theft 3rd Degree, 1 count–Unauthorized Use of a Credit Card and 1 count –Failure to have a Valid License/Permit While Operating a Motor Vehicle.

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Past Video Archives

Genoa man falls 30 ft off rock ledge

Vernon County Sheriff John B. Spears reports: A man falling 30 feet off a rock ledge. On October 17, 2020 at around 3:14 PM Vernon County Dispatch Center received a call reporting William G. Pedretti Jr., age 59, of rural Genoa fell about 30 Ft. off a rock ledge while going for a walk. 
   William was given medical treatment at the scene of the accident by Genoa/ Harmony First Responders and was later transported by UTV to a landing zone by the Genoa/ Harmony Fire Dept.  William was stabilized by Tri-State Ambulance Service flown to the hospital by Gundersen Air.  The incident remains under investigation by the Vernon County Sheriff's Office.

I'll choose my grand-daughter's world over ours



By Dave Collins
Our five year old grand daughter Ulli lived with us for awhile, and would often invite us into her world by saying “just pretend”.  That meant we were to stop whatever we were doing and follow her into a wonderful place.
   She would assign us roles to play, “You be the king, and grandma is the queen, and I'm the princess.”
Grandma would stop and make cardboard crowns for us and the princess would put on a special dress, very flowery and fancy.  Ulli would describe this special world, carriages were arriving all the time bringing special guest to the great hall for a feast, Unicorn would fly-in, apparently the laws of physics were suspended because she had 'special powers' to make almost anything happen.  Occasionally she would grant me special powers, but hers were always more powerful.
   It was all great fun, but now she moved away, and we're two old people back in a three dimensional world spending most of our time staring at two dimensional computer monitors.  Isolated in a pandemic world not able to be with our kids and grand kids.  As the kids say, 'it sucks'.
   Still, we have those memories that bring smiles to our faces and warms our hearts of a wonderful time we were so lucky to have with her at that magical age.  I just wish she was still here saying, “just pretend”.



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