Why CAFOs are bad for our health

River sample 2

By Dave Collins -
At the base of a hill, a thousands feet below Harvest lane where a 5000 sow feeder pig factory farm (CAFO) has been proposed, a stream drains runoff from the hills, passes under Kickapoo Valley Road and empties into the Kickapoo River less than a mile away.  The current CAFO in Wauzeka spreads pig manure on some of the fields above this stream, and most surely adds to the current alarming pollution levels.
   Crawford Stewardship Project (CSP) has been monitoring for years 8 sites of special concern paying for additional testing of Phosphorus, E. coli and other test.  These eight sites fall into three watershed zones (drainage from around existing Roth CAFO in Wauzeka, around the proposed CAFO on Harvest Ln. and around KD Partners, a large dairy operation on Co. Hwy W.
   In general, results have been bad, with the last year giving record results (40-50 times the standards for Phosphorus, and over 1000 times the levels for E. coli) in all zones.
   In the above video Ric Thill, a volunteer for the Crawford Stewardship Project, demonstrates how they take regular samples of the various streams.  He expresses alarm at the levels of  pollutants and antibiotic resistant bacteria found at this site.  Watch Video Part 2

Man made explosion shakes Richland Center area

At 6:01pm last evening (10-20-2019) the Richland Co Dispatch Center received calls of an explosion being heard and felt by residents in the city and north.  Reports indicated houses from the Allison Park area through the Hub City area shook from the blast.
   Sheriff’s Deputies responded to try and locate the incident.  Within minutes, a deputy traveling just north of the city of Richland Center reported a large plume of smoke north and west of his location, possibly between County Hwy A and State Hwy 56.  It was then Richland Center Fire was paged and asked to respond.  As emergency crews traveled north, the smoke dissipated and made it harder to locate.
   Several more calls from citizens trying to help pin point the blast poured into the dispatch center.  Deputies from the Sheriff’s Department, a WI State Patrol Trooper, an Officer from the Richland Center Police Dept. and Richland Center Fire units combed the area north and west of the city for almost an hour. 
   At around 6:50pm, a citizen met with authorities and directed them to the source of the blast, which was located at the address of 22855 Cty DD, in a wooded area on top of the ridge.  Law Enforcement Officials drove up the ridge and made contact with a subject identified as Jacob A. Busser, 22 of Lodi. The property is owned by his father, and was the location of a field party.  
   After speaking with Busser, it was learned that approximately 10 lbs of tannerite, which is a highly explosive material used commonly in shooting targets, had been set up and shot at with a firearm.  That action detonated the entire 10lbs of material at once, causing the enormous blast.  The blast was reported from a large area of the county, as calls reporting or inquiring about the incident were logged from Sextonville to Gillingham to Snow Valley as well as the City of Richland Center.
   No injuries were reported.  Richland County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Chad Kanable stated he was relieved no one was injured or killed from the blast and thanks the many citizens and emergency personnel who assisted with the incident.  He stated it is legal to possess tannerite and like anything it can be safe when used properly and used for intended purposes.  Last evenings actions exceeded those purposes. 
The incident is being forwarded to the Richland County District Attorney’s Office for possible charges and remains under investigation.

Fall RiverIMG_2683

Some fall days are sunny with colors that offer hope and gaiety. others are solemn and moody, whispering frost.  Time to gather in the last of the harvest and firewood.  Listen to the geese, they know.  (Photo by Dave Collins)

Armed robbery in Postville, Iowa

Postville, Iowa - October 4, 2019 - Postville Police Department and the Allamakee County Sheriff’s Dept. are needing the public assistance.  On Oct. 3rd, 2019 around 10 a.m. in the town of Postville, an apparent arm robbery took place involving a gray or silver in color Dodge Neon/Stratus.  The victim stated it was a two-door vehicle that had boxes in the back seat and items full in the back window.
   The driver was described as a black male early thirties’ height 5’4 to 5’6.  If anyone in the public that would have information to this incident or has seen a vehicle fitting this description please contact the Postville Police Department at (563) 864-3234 or the Allamakee County Sheriff’s Dept.. at (563) 568-4521.
   Also, for the public safety, if you see a vehicle pull out in front of you and try to stop your vehicle lock the doors and call 911.  Back-up if you can to get away and do not communicate with the subject!

Why CAFOs are bad for our health

cafo Harvest ln jpg

Why a 10,000 hog Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) proposed above the Kickapoo River in Marietta Township is bad for our health. See video  Part 1

Elderly Richland Ctr. man killed by falling tree

On 9-24-2019 at 1:42pm, Richland Co Dispatch received a 911 call of a logging accident at 26553 Section Hollow Ln. off County Highway I in Rockbridge Township.  Sheriff's Deputies responded as did Richland County EMS and Richland Center Fire. 
   A Richland Co Sheriff's Deputy arrived first on scene and discovered that 83 year old Lester W. Mick was cutting trees on his property, on a hillside.  His son, Robert "Wayne" Mick was also on the property using a log splitter.  Wayne heard a bunch of limbs breaking in the woods behind him and went to check on his dad. 
   It was discovered the tree being cut by Lester Mick had fallen on top of him, pinning him underneath.  Lester Mick was pronounced dead at the scene by a Deputy Richland County Coroner.  No other injuries were reported.  Funeral services for Lester W. Mick are pending with the Pratt Memorial Chapel in Richland Center.

IMG-4080 A

Crawford Stewardship Project sponsored a Karst Geology Exploration on Sept. 14, 2019.  Folks were able to caravan out to local sinkholes , cavern, and examine the special and sensitive nature of our Karst geology.  It doesn’t take too much imagination to see how liquid hog manure from a proposed CAFO (factory Farm) could seep down through the cracks and fissures of this Karst geology to pollute our ground water and wells.  (Photo by Carolyn Bendel)



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