Over 200 neighbors request the DNR to conduct
an Environmental Impact Statement before issuing
Roth Feeder Pig II a permit to build a CAFO here


November 23, 2020 - Today, Midwest Environmental Advocates submitted a formal request to the Department of Natural Resources on behalf of more than 200 Crawford County residents who are asking the agency to prepare a full environmental impact statement (EIS) before issuing permits for the construction of a massive confined animal feeding operation (CAFO).
   The proposed operation would be the largest hog confinement facility in the state, generating over 9.4 million gallons of manure and liquid waste annually. The unprecedented scale of such a project in a watershed that is uniquely susceptible to groundwater contamination has alarmed neighbors of the proposed facility and residents of downstream communities.
   Roth Feeder Pig II, together with an existing sister facility a few miles away, would be the largest hog CAFO in  the  state. According  to the  proposal,  the  operation  would annually generate  over9.4  million gallons of manure and liquid waste at a facility perched on a narrow ridge overlooking the Kickapoo River. Much of the waste would be spread on agricultural fields where contaminants like nitrates or bacteria could easily enter surface  water and ground water due to sloping topography and the fractured  nature of the underlying bedrock. The unprecedented scale of such a project in a  watershed that is uniquely susceptible to groundwater contamination has alarmed neighbors of the proposed facility and residents of downstream communities. 

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Nobody should be in need of food

COVID-19 totals for Wisconsin
as of November 26, 2020
Positive Cases: 374,537 (+5,095)
Ever hospitalized: 16,658 (+201)
Deaths: 3,240 (+62)

Crawford County: 863 cases (+16) (No new data)

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The proposed facility, when considered with its sister facility, would be the largest hog Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation in the state.  Flyover ll video
   This fact, on its own justifies preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement. However, a robust EIS would also reinforce DNR’s and the Evers Administration’s stated dedication to restoring science based decision-making to the agency.
   This new operation plans to house 8,000 sows and produce 9.4 million gallons of liquid manure each year, and would be located on a narrow karstic ridge above the Kickapoo River.                         

We’re A Community In Crisis

How bad would it be if a loved one was unable to receive life-saving healthcare?

This is not a question we typically ask in our tri-state area. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has reached emergency levels in Gundersen Health System’s service areas. Cases are surging, hospital capacity and staffing levels are stressed, and patients are losing their battle against the virus.
   The crisis is here and will worsen if we all don’t act to control the spread.
“I’m overwhelmed by the number of hospitalized patients that only seems to grow by the day. I’m heartbroken that someone died from COVID-19 in our hospital without loved ones by their side. I can’t leave COVID-19 at work anymore.” Megan Meller, infection preventionist

                Hear more from Megan and how you can act now to help!

As Covid cases soar, GOP state lawmakers keep
fighting to limit governors' power to respond

Hillsboro woman arrested for alleged stabbing

On November 11th, 2020 at approximately 1:30 AM,
the Vernon County Sheriff's Office received the report of a stabbing that occurred at a residence on County Road W, rural Hillsboro. 
   Deputies arrived on scene, and took the suspect, Jenna M. Bell, age 20, of rural Hillsboro, into custody.  A 36-year-old female was transported to Gundersen St. Joseph's Hospital in Hillsboro by Hillsboro Area Ambulance Service with multiple stab wounds.  The victim was later med-flighted by Gundersen AIR to UW Hospital in Madison for further treatment of her injuries.
   Jenna Bell is being held at the Vernon County Detention Center awaiting a bail/bond hearing through the Vernon County Circuit Court.  Charges of First-Degree Attempted Homicide and Aggravated Assault will be sought through the Vernon County District Attorney's Office.
   Assisting at the scene was the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Juneau County Sheriff's Office, Wisconsin State Patrol and the Hillsboro Area Ambulance Service. 
   This appears to be an isolated incident with no immediate danger to the public.  

Crawford County is Moving the Wrong Direction

November 7, 2020
Crawford County is Moving the Wrong Direction and Must Take Action
Crawford County Public Health reports 149 COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days an increase from 86 cases in the last two-week period. This is the highest positivity rate we have seen yet, at 16.6%.   We are seeing increased cases of healthcare workers as well as K-12 staff and students.  “The virus is spreading and making it difficult for businesses, schools and healthcare facilities to run effectively.” says Cindy Riniker, Health Officer.  
   While some of the cases have been linked to other positive cases, 60% had no idea where they contracted the virus and were considered community spread.  These cases spread throughout the county and range in ages under 10 to over 80 years old.
   With over half of our 8 metrics being red, it is clear that our county must take action to slow the spread of COVID-19.  We have been in phase 1 for the last month yet it seems many are not changing their behavior to help slow the spread.  Many cases report attending group gathering in the days before symptoms began.  With the Holidays coming up we want to remind everyone to please do your part to slow the spread.

   * Limit the amount of people in close contact at public gatherings to 25% of the    total occupancy.
   * Limit indoor gatherings to 10 people or less. 
   * Limit outdoor gatherings to 25 people or less.
   * Post-pone or cancel all non-essential gatherings and travel

With cases increasing so drastically in the last two-weeks we are also recommending that schools postpone all contact sports and consider moving to virtual learning for middle school and high school students.  Our hope is if we can slow the spread, this recommendation could be lifted after our next bi-weekly metrics. If it does not slow, we may be recommending this through the end of the year.
   All residents, organizations and facilities of Crawford County must be diligent now if we want to help our schools and businesses keep their doors open.  It is time to stay home as much as possible and limit all non-essential gatherings with others.  We understand we are all tired of these restrictions, but we are nearing our healthcare facilities not being able to provide services.  We are begging you to keep distance from others, wear face coverings, wash your hands, avoid group gatherings and stay home when you are sick. 
   For more details about the Crawford County-Moving Forward Plan and the metrics used to determine reopening go to crawfordcountywi.org/health .



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