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Wauzeka wetlands at risk from proposed CAFO operation.  Photo by Sandy Collins,

Land values Vs. CAFO operations

Part 3
By Dave Collins -
If a 10,000 hog CAFO operation with it’s negative impact on our water & air quaility are not enough, consider the loss of land values in the surronding area. 
   Other communities in the vicinity of these CAFO operations have successfully petitioned for a reduction in their assessed property values. These reductions have spanned -10 to -27%.  Not only does the landowner suffer a loss in the value of their property, but the loss of taxes for the township and county are significant.  If townships are having a difficult time repairing roads and infrastructure now, the only way to overcome this revenue loss is to raise everyone taxes.

Train derailment near Glen Haven, WI

Home RR Derail

Grant County, WI - July 1, 2019 - BNSF railroad has reported a train derailment 1/4 mile south of Glen Haven involving approximately 15 cars. There is no threat to public safety. US Fish and Wildlife and WI DNR are assessing environmental impact which appears to be minimal. Please avoid the area. You will not be able to see anything from Glen Haven and the Glen Haven boat landing is currently closed/inaccessible. The apparent cause was a rock/mudslide.  (Photo courtesy of Grant Co. Emergency Management)

10,000 hog CAFO in the Driftless
will impact far and wide

Manure spread

Part 2 -
By Dave Collins

(In light of full discloser, I live on Harvest Lane, and my family is personally affected by this proposed CAFO).


There are so many negative ways that a CAFO operation affects the local environment that it's hard to know where to begin.
   Water quality is near the top of the list.  As mentioned previously manure is about 99% water which will follow the cracks and fissure of the Karst geology to contaminate surrounding wells and water tables.  This happens when the manure lagoons overflow during storms, which happen almost weekly in Iowa, and also when the manure is spread on nearby fields.
   The proposed CAFO operation on Harvest Ln. doesn't have nearly enough land to handle the waste from 10,000 hogs, so several times a year the manure will need to be trucked and sprayed on various fields throughout Marietta township and surrounding Crawford County areas. This not only spreads the stench but bacteria in the air with it's potential human health problems.  This spreading of manure on various fields also spreads the contamination and runoff to wells and rivers in a wide area.

Missing / Endangered Person found safe

Update - 6/29/19 - 4:27 p.m. - Mr. Kloser was found safe after 2:00 p.m. today.
The Clayton County Sheriff's Office is currently on scene
Home Mark Kloser Missing
with various emergency services from Clayton and Delaware county searching for 56 year old Mark Kloser of Earlville, IA.       
   Kloser walked from a residence approximately one half mile east of Edgewood, IA at around 5:00 p.m. on 06/28/2019.  Kloser is approximately 5'10" and 200 lbs.  He was last seen wearing a gray shirt w/ an orange stripe, navy shorts, and black tennis shoes with socks. 
   Due to the terrain and recent rain, it is likely he encountered muddy conditions and may have mud on him.  He has a distinct scar on his forehead.  Kloser would be considered a dependent adult and any assistance in locating him safely are requested.        Kloser was last seen walking east near the intersection of Hilton Rd. and Hwy 3.  If anyone has information or had seen a person matching the description please contact the Clayton County Sheriff's Office at 563-245-2422.

10,000 hog Animal Feeding Operation 
(CAFO) in the heart of the Driftless area – Crazy!

Part 1
By Dave Collins
On a beautiful 1100 foot ridge overlooking the Kickapoo River might be the last place to expect a proposed concentrated hog operation.  The land along Harvest Ln. is very vulnerable Karst geology with sinkholes, a spring, and a cave.  The hog  waste will be spread in these porous Karst areas.  A totally inappropriate place to propose a concentrated hog operation. 
   The following was written by Dr. Ann Ralles, Faculty Advisor School of Socio-Economics & Ecology at NewEarth University:
“My home is “The Driftless” area in Southwestern Wisconsin. A one hundred square mile geographic anomaly, this beguiling jewel of hills and coulees, cold water springs and trout-filled streams was untouched by the glaciers of the last ice age. Hence, the lack of glacial drift or simply “The Driftless”.
   Unsuitable for gigantic factory farms that consume much of the paper-flat Midwest, our rolling hills are still dotted with picturesque family farms and organic dairies.
   The Driftless is a Karstic geography characterized by soluble limestone that erodes to form caves, caverns, underground streams and springs that make it hospitable to diverse lifeforms. There seems to be a special, almost magical quality to this land and many claim that they were inexplicably drawn here.”

   On a global scale, we are daily horrified with stories of our environment under siege in so many ways.  We expect someone to make it better, but each day the reports are more dire.  Now, a 10,000 animal unit consolidated hog operation is proposed in our backyard.  This assault on our beautiful Driftless area brings the problem to our homes.  We are the ones who need to stand-up and say 'no' to CAFO's in our geographically sensitive area.
   Marietta Township will have a special meeting July 15th at 7 p.m. at the recycling center (Plainview Ridge Rd & Hwy E) to discuss this proposed land use.  It is your chance to protect your environment.



Monday, July 15, 2019 

Do your part -
say NO to plastics!

“No straw please”, when ordering a drink

Bring cloth bags for your grocery's

Bring your own mug for water or coffee, you might even get a discount-

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This is something each of us can do.  Do it for the environment, wildlife, G-kids, for everyone!

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