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Editor -

I live on
River Road in the Town of Kickapoo. Once again we have seen the complete lack of prep for this now common [flooding] event. Events that are growing in frequency and severity. Among the problems are reduced property values, losses in agricultural revenues, and physical harm, to name few.
   The answer from the township? A Peterbuilt dump truck to plow snow. No attempt has been initiated to raise portions of the road bed. How about writing for a federal grant? The answer is not another half inch of seal coat, or a shiny new truck.
   I notice property taxed are mailed out with the expectation of payment. We expect local government to reciprocate by providing decent safe roads to our property. 

Steve Burns
Town of Kickapoo


Isn’t it ironic that a recent smear ad attacks Tony Evers for failing to revoke teachers’ licenses after their inappropriate behavior? It conveniently omits that Wisconsin State law was what prevented his taking such action. He did take aggressive action afterwards to change that Republican inspired law.
   In addition, the Republican weakening of educational standards means that people now entering our schools as teachers are less well prepared and are no longer required to have a degree with education credits at all! In effect, Walker has made it possible for anyone to teach without this essential preparation. This may also mean that continuing education for teachers will no longer be required, further eroding their qualifications, and efficiency as educators. Do Republicans want to create a less well-educated voting public?
   The smear campaign also overlooks Walker’s repeatedly cutting funds to education at all levels over the past eight years. As a direct result, many schools, notably in rural areas, can now only offer very poor salaries, and thus have great difficulty attracting and retaining qualified educators to their schools.
   Tony Evers will invest in teachers and our children because he understands that will lead to a brighter future for our state.

Kay Ziegahn
Richland Center

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