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The light bulb challenge

By Cynthia Smith


I have been losing talents as I age - squatting is nearly impossible in order to reach items in a lower cupboard.  Oh, I can reach one - but then I cannot move upward with it - instead I just roll toward the floor. Those strong muscles aren’t strong anymore, it seems.

Another talent I’m losing is balance - sometimes when I’m on a slanting hillside I will lose control of my momentum and keep going more and more rapidly like my head is too heavy for the rest of my body. Once I had to stop before I fell totally to the ground but I figured out how to “brake” by running into a tree.  Oh yeah - it hurt, but it stopped my motion! I did wind up at a clinic to fix my ear which looked a bit like hamburger for meatloaf, spiced with hackberry bark and seeds.

Today I am going to change lightbulbs. The ceiling fan has four and they don’t match so, I am going to get out my almost totally safe ladder, get up where I can reach those, take them out and replace with four that match.  I know it is only for a cosmetic improvement, but I am under that fixture so often it drives me mad when I look up to see two types of lights glowing  - sends me over the edge!

So, the story ends with a successful switch - now this light has FOUR bulbs from the same manufacturer and looks much better.  It is the little things. Next physical task this day will be to change the furnace filters in my utility room.  This chore will require squatting.  I will be cautious, as there is no telephone outlet in that room in case I lose my balance and need to call 911.

Assisted living looks more attractive to me as each day passes.

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