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The Future?

By Cynthia Smith

An unnerving experience - on the past weekend, my granddaughter from Kansas City was in town and contacted me. Did I want to meet for lunch after church. They were driving up from Dubuque where her boyfriend's dad lives.  Of course I said I'd meet them (sounds like they MAY move closer).

First problem? She sends texts. I don't know how to even text a reply. I keep a cell phone in my  purse ONLY to use if I have driving problems, a flat tire.......or a wreck. So, our communicating in Lancaster to  meet was a bit like a Judd Apatow new comedy release.

Eventually I saw their Missouri plates and honked. Next? We wanted a brunch, a Bloody Mary and Eggs Benedict. A pizza place and Chinese restaurant were the only possible venues in Lancaster so......Off we went to find REAL food, and we thanked heaven that some 15 miles or so we entered the Cottonwood which has a Sunday brunch.  We made it two minutes left of brunch hours.

They let us in, after I fell down at the entrance. Here's a free warning, since this is the SECOND time I fell there. At the entrance there is a step that is not clearly seen. It is only less than an inch but I AGAIN was blabbing and did not see it, stubbed my sandal toe and down I went. (I am calling the manager this week to have that step painted.)

The kids enjoyed the humor (they said) of watching someone nearly 80, struggle with an incoming text - I think I can keep them entertained for hours with tales of "how things used to be." We laughed and enjoyed our time together.  

They are talking about coming up soon for another visit.  Think I might have them come straight to MY house, rather than even THINK about communicating by cell. How will I ever communicate with my little great grandchildren, four presently in number with another due in October of 2017, as they grow and master texting or whatever will be next invented to keep in touch? Maybe "Alexa Echo, call great grandma to tell her______________________ (fill in the blank)" 

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