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Went to a silly movie - or was it?

By Cynthia Smith

Playing locally, “a silly Melissa McCarthy film which plot has her returning to her college alma mater when she - newly in a divorce situation  - feels a needs to restart her life and finish college.

Laughter ensues.

Things such as this film give us a chance to dip into ridiculous situations without harm. I’ll see a comedy before I choose a superhero type or drama (there’s enough drama in regular social activities).

Life at my house presently involves raccoons -at least I think it is plural - I stopped leaving nectar outside overnight. They were wrecking them by pulling the little yellow flowers off. I don’t THINK they ate them - yellow plastic about the size of a dime - BUT not one flower shape was on the deck OR on the ground below - so maybe they did.  Hope they got a belly ache. The little beasts left their annoyance messages on every possible flat surface- including up by my garage door, on two locations on my deck at least. THAT IS POOP. This morning I found a chewed up board at the back door. My yard mower thinks it is from a ground hog.

Many things puzzle me - like making passage for turtles to cross a road so they don’t get killed trying. When we lived on a lake, we watched the darn things pull baby ducklings under, to drown them - then eat them.  Our method to help the ducklings? My husband put a bounty ($1 each turtle) which was a money maker for the children living on Lake Tekakwitha AND we saved a few ducks.

An issue of Nature Conservatory magazine (or one like it) noted that Federal officials announced a tentative plan Friday to relocate 20-30 gray wolves to Isle Royale National Park. I am glad about that - apparently the Park had so few surviving wolves that breeding was a lost cause (all related wolves??? inbred?? Not sure) but whatever they can do to keep the species going, I’m for it - no one should bother the 20 to 30 that officials will place there to rebuild the wolf population safely.  I know we should expect some protests from readers who have no understanding of the ecology (I don’t totally understand it myself) but, I just think those animals are wondrous to read about or watch on a Nature documentary.

So as you can tell, I have wandering thoughts today - after all it is 95 degrees out — who in heck can have lucid thoughts on a day that hot?! Back to 80’s next week is predicted - hooray.

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