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Technology—Friend or Enemy

By Cynthia Smith

To me? there is no question. Since the past few months, it is my enemy.  Trying to get services during this move, one terminal turned out to be too distant from the duplex-so how to solve THAT?

THEN My cell phone broke.  Friend drove me to the store and bought a track phone which I haven’t figured out despite the most helpful sales person ever.

After a week the duplex still has nothing connected - no tv, phone, internet - talk about “off the grid!”

At times, I am incoherent, so I thank my friends and say good bye and thanks for helping.  I go take a nap (miss my wonderful bed so much, to reunite with it is bliss).  Then, at my ‘for sale’ there is this damn bird: if any of you read Dave Krier’s column in the Dial about the birds that peck at sliding door glass you’ll know what I mean. I gather that in times past, that was considered a sign there was going to be a death at that house!!

I have no patience - I AM an Aries after all.  Now, if today goes right, all I have left to deal with is furniture delivery so we have a place to sit down.

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