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Over the Hill?

By Cynthia Smith

Well, on one day last week, I turned 79 years of age.  A few days later - after I had confirmed to a phone query that yes, I would keep an oncology appointment at Mayo scheduling department, then, I totally forgot to go even as I rose from my bed on the following morning.

Not only did I miss attending my scheduled mammogram with my oncology surgeon, and  a follow up at the cancer center, I did not realize I screwed up until five o’clock that evening!

Apparently, I’d gone over the proverbial hill.

I had a call from number one son and when I asked him a question he said, “Mom, I just went over that with you when I called two days ago!”  Then he said “You’re scaring me —are you getting LOONEY?”

Just because I did not remember all he had said to me earlier!

Maybe readers of this column will have an opportunity to watch my mental ship sinking as each column reports my brain farts that occur - if I remember them.  Actually, that would not be very interesting reading, AND would certainly repulse readers who themselves endure the tasks of caring for the elderly loved ones who are struggling with the disease of Alzheimers or any other aging debilitation, dementia or similar afflictions.

I conclude that with the help of friends who have been given my schedule for the week, I’ll keep plodding along.

The folks at Mayo were helpful in rescheduling my cancer checkups - so as people say, “no worries”.

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