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By Cynthia Smith


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Spring brings babies

By Cynthia Smith

Driving down my gravel road, it was like I'd turned into a Petting Zoo.

First critter I saw was the adult doe that had been hanging near my house, meandering in a field just planted - couldn't even identify the sprouting greens.  But the next day when she returned? She had her baby fawn behind her.  Smallest fawn that I've ever seen, just barely able to keep up with mom - looked like the fawn had not perfected a gait of any sort yet. Pretty wobbly.  It worked like a trouper to stay within ten yards of its mother before they entered the woods nearby.

As I slowed way down to try not to spook them, I was moving slow and pretty silent. Up ahead I saw another movement, this one right in the middle of the road. What was it? A little baby raccoon not looking steady enough to be out on his own.  Maybe it belonged to the scraggly female who has visited my deck on those nights I've forgotten the bird feeders - she was glad to get her paws on them and relished her free meal. Left a mess for ME.  But as I passed the baby I thought of the two nearby eagle's nests - if those fledglings squawked loudly, the  parents could swoop down and haul the baby raccoon up to their nest (the baby raccoon was THAT SMALL).

Just during the past weeks, May Memorial Day now finished, I was lucky enough to spot a fox family that seemed to be getting bigger, healthy, and surviving all the rains. True to Wisconsin tradition, temperatures now skyrocket to the nineties for a few days. Whatever happened to a high of 80?

Jumping to another topic - the House on the Rock was featured on television as the show’s stars from "American Pickers" swung by in order to pick some of the pieces the owners were offering for sale from the Rock.  They picked several pieces out of the disintegrating buildings that were on the acreage, containing pieces that were being rained on through all the holes in those buildings' roofs. QUITE new knowledge for me of the creator of House on the Rock.

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