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Trout evacuated due to flooding near Elkader

   You know the flooding is bad when even fish have to be evacuated.
In what became an overnight operation on Wednesday, an estimated 150,000 rainbow and brook trout were evacuated from the Big Spring Hatchery located on the banks of the Turkey River near Elkader in Clayton County.
   Recent heavy rains in northeast Iowa have caused the level of the Turkey River to reach the top of a levy protecting the hatchery. With the potential of the hatchery flooding, fisheries staff of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources spent most of a day starting Wednesday afternoon and running through Thursday afternoon moving the trout to the Decorah and Manchester hatcheries.
   Since it takes approximately 15 months to raise trout to catchable size, the move was necessary to ensure there are trout available for stocking not only the remainder of this year, but into next year. Trout from the Big Springs Hatchery are stocked into 15 different coldwater streams in the local area.
   The Decorah hatchery has not been affected by flooding but has been affected by highly turbid spring water that feeds the hatchery. Stocking out of the Decorah and Big Spring Hatcheries will be postponed until water levels recede and the stocking roads are dry enough to drive on.
   The Manchester hatchery has not been impacted and will continue to stock streams as conditions allow.


Historians Debate True Founder


By Tom Emery


This weekend, millions of Americans will hit the road, fire up the grill, and swarm to the beaches for the Labor Day weekend.  The holiday has evolved dramatically from its origins, which are debated today.

What is clear, though, is the designation of Labor Day as a federal holiday in 1894 arose from a tenuous labor dispute in Illinois.  The Pullman strike, remembered today as a landmark in American labor history, caused such ill feelings between workers and the government that President Grover Cleveland, as a conciliatory measure, signed an order establishing Labor Day as a federal holiday on the first Monday of September.

However, Labor Day was nothing new in America.  Some believe that its roots are actually Canadian, in an 1872 parade in Toronto to support a strike against a 58-hour work week.  A decade later, a proposal was presented at a Central Labor Union meeting in New York in May 1882 for a “monster labor festival” in early September.

The result was the first Labor Day parade, held near city hall and along Broadway in New York on Sept. 5, 1882.  Police, concerned that confrontations may occur, surrounded city hall on horseback and on foot, many of them carrying clubs.  An hour later, only a handful of marchers had shown up, and there was no musical accompaniment.  Just in time, two hundred members from the Jewelers Union of Newark arrived with a band, and the procession began.  Continue

A spoon full of sugar may make the medicine go
down, but it can also get you arrested

This is an older case, but interesting.
On December 10th, 2015 the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a locked dwelling on a parcel of recreational property located along Brown Hollow Rd. in Wauzeka Township had been broken into and possibly lived in for a short period of time.
   Investigators responded to the area and conducted an investigation into the incident. Through the course of the investigation a number of items were gathered at the scene and submitted to the State of Wisconsin Crime Laboratory for testing. One of the items collected was a tablespoon believed to have been used by the person(s) who committed the crime. The Crime Lab was able to extract a males DNA profile from the spoon.
   Further investigation led to the development of a male suspect by the name of Jordan A. Schultz age 29, of Platteville. In early March, 2016 Investigators obtained a search warrant for Schultz’s DNA. Once the DNA was collected from Schultz it was submitted to the Crime Lab for comparison to the DNA profile extracted from the spoon.
   Following the DNA analysis done by the Crime Lab it was determined that Schultz was the source of the DNA found on the spoon.
   This incident has been referred to the District Attorney’s Office and Schultz faces possible charges of Criminal Damage to property and Criminal Trespass to a Locked Dwelling.

Two Soldiers Grove women arrested on drug charges

On August 11, 2016 the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department applied for and was granted two separate narcotic related search warrants in the County.
   At 12:40 a.m. members of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department along with members of the Prairie du Chien Police Dept. executed a search warrant at Debra Wetzel’s residence at the Golden Acres Apartment Complex in Soldiers Grove.  Wetzel age 58 has been a person of interest in several narcotic related investigations for many months.  Items found during the search of her residence were numerous items of drug paraphernalia including syringes, smoking devices, and straws. A digital scale, Liquid Methamphetamine, powdered heroine and opiates along with Marijuana were also found and seized.
   Wetzel was arrested and charged with Delivery of methamphetamine, Possession of heroin, Possession of meth and meth paraphernalia, possession of opiates, and possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia.   Wetzel is currently being held in the Crawford County Jail on a $5,000.00 cash bond.    
   Later in the day at 2:38 p.m. The Crawford County Sheriff Dept. along with members of the Prairie du Chien Police Dept. executed a narcotic related search warrant at the Tina Alexander residence located on Hemlock Street in the Village of Soldiers Grove.  Items found at this search warrant were opiates and items of drug paraphernalia suspected to be used in the consumption of opiates. 
   Alexander age 44 is currently being held in the Crawford County Jail on charges of Possession of schedule 2 narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Alexander is currently awaiting a bond hearing. 

Marquette man seriously injured in motorcycle accident

Sheriff John B Spears reports a single motorcycle accident that occurred at approximately 6:30pm on August 11th 2016. The accident occurred on County Road N near Norwegian Hollow Rd in the Town of Sterling.
   The operator of the motorcycle Paul L. Colsch age 69 of Marquette, IA was traveling southbound on County Road N approaching a curve to the right. Colsch lost control of the motorcycle just prior to the curve and was ejected from the bike. Colsch was not wearing a helmet.
   Colsch sustained serious injuries in the accident and was flown to Gunderson Health System in LaCrosse by Med Link Air. 
   Assisting at the scene were the Viroqua Fire Department, Wheatland Fire Department, Wheatland EMS, Tri-State Ambulance Service and Med Link Air.  The accident remains under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office.



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