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Two wild deer test positive for CWD in Allamakee Co.

DES MOINES, IA – February 4, 2016 - Two wild deer harvested in Allamakee County during the recent hunting season have been confirmed positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD), marking the third year in a row the disease has been confirmed in a wild Iowa deer, all in Allamakee County. 
    “This is disappointing but not altogether surprising,” said Dr. Dale Garner, chief of Wildlife for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. “This region was a focal point for increased surveillance and thanks to hunters in the area we exceeded our goal of 400 samples. Our next step is to host another public meeting up there, listen to their concerns and discuss options available going forward.”
   The surveillance zone covered a 140 square mile area in eastern Allamakee and northeast Clayton County, including the area near Harper’s Ferry. The two recent CWD positive deer were harvested within two miles of where the previous positive deer were taken.
   Last year, local residents partnered with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to collect 85 additional samples after the regular deer seasons. None of those deer collected tested positive for the disease.
   The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is currently working to obtain as much information as possible about the infected deer to implement its CWD response plan.
   CWD is a neurological disease affecting primarily deer and elk. It is caused by an abnormal protein, called a prion that attacks the brains of infected animals, causing them to lose weight, display abnormal behavior and lose bodily functions. Signs include excessive salivation, thirst and urination, loss of appetite, progressive weight loss, listlessness and drooping ears and head. The only reliable test for CWD requires testing of lymph nodes or brain material after the animal is dead.
   There is currently no evidence that humans contract CWD by eating venison. However, the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that hunters do not eat the brain, eyeballs or spinal cord of deer and that hunters wear protective gloves while field dressing game and boning out meat for consumption.
   Prior to the positive detection in Iowa, CWD had been previously detected in every bordering state.  Since 2002, nearly 60,000 wild deer from across the state have been tested.

Grant County K9 Diego passes away

Lancaster, WI – February 4, 2016 - It is with sadness that the Grant County Sheriff’s Office reports that K9 Diego passed away on February 3rd due to some health issues. 
   Over the past several months, the Sheriff’s Office and Diego’s handler, Deputy Ric Hottenstein, have been working with the Family Pet Hospital in Platteville and the Veterinary Emergency Services Clinic in Middleton to try and improve the health of Diego.  There was some success, but is believe Diego suffered a blood clot in his lungs causing him to pass away last night. 
   The Sheriff’s Office is extremely thankful for the care given to Diego by Dr. Mackenzie Hellert of the Family Pet Hospital during Diego’s final hours.  The Sheriff’s Office is in preparation to conduct a memorial service for Diego and recognize his many years of service.

Winter Storm Preps

LA CROSSE, Wis.- As winter storm Kayla approaches the upper Midwest, health care providers are preparing throughout the region. Emergency rooms are flooded with weather-related injuries during and after each snowstorm. Mayo Clinic emergency medicine specialist Eric Grube D.O. says that they have to be equipped to handle many types of injuries. “Falls, vehicle accidents, frostbite, and heart attacks from snow shoveling are the most common injuries we see,” says Grube.
   Dr. Grube suggests that everyone should be ready for the worst, and be prepared even after the storm has passed. Here are some tips for an injury free snowfall.
   Dress warmly. Dress in several layers to protect yourself from frostbite. You can always remove a layer as needed.
   Watch out for slippery surfaces. Snow can hide dangerous ice and can make any surface slick. Wear appropriate footwear and move slowly to avoid slipping.
   Clear snow as soon as it stops falling. Freshly fallen snow is lighter.
  Warm up your muscles. Walk for a few minutes and stretch your arms and legs before shoveling. Warm muscles are less likely to be injured and work more efficiently
   Be aware of heart attacks. If you're inactive and have a history of heart trouble, talk to your doctor — stop shoveling if you feel tightness in your chest. Take it slow, pace yourself, and take breaks.
   Don’t pick up too much snow at once. Use a small shovel, or fill it only one-fourth to one-half if you use a large shovel. Keep the load of snow as close to you as possible.
   Protect your back. Bend from the knees, not your back. Lift with your legs bent, stand with your feet about hip width for balance and keep the shovel close to your body. Try not to twist. If possible, just push the snow as you shovel, it is easier on your back.
   Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is just as possible when you exert yourself in cold winter    months as it is in the summer.
   Most importantly – listen to your body! Stop if you feel tired. Always carry a cellphone in case of emergencies.

Hillsboro man killed cutting trees

Vernon County Sheriff John B. Spears reports a logging accident occurred on Saturday morning, January 30, 2016, at approximately 9:30 AM, in the town of Union.
   Clarence T. Yoder, age 59, of rural Hillsboro, WI was cutting a tree, in private property, near Twin Ash Avenue, when a tree limb fell and struck Yoder.  Yoder was severely injured and pronounced dead at the scene by the Vernon County Coroner’s Office.
   Assisting at the scene were the La Farge Fire, La Farge Ambulance, and Viola Fire Department.  The accident remains under investigation by the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office and the Vernon County Coroner.

Reckless driving in parking lot leads to drug arrest

On January 26, 2016 at 12:00am, the Prairie du Chien Police Department was notified of a vehicle driving recklessly in the Prairie Cinema parking lot, in the City of Prairie du Chien. Officers located a vehicle parked in the parking lot and eventually arrested the driver on an outstanding warrant. The operator, Jill Schroeder, age 38 stated that she was waiting to pick up another individual from the area. The second individual is a known drug user in the Crawford County area.
   Officers requested the assistance of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department and K9 Breck. K9 Breck was utilized and indicated to the presence of one or more controlled substances within the vehicle. A search of the vehicle was conducted based on the indication from K9 Breck, and yielded three used methamphetamine needles with residue still inside, a pink straw with methamphetamine residue, and a spoon with burnt narcotic residue.
Schroeder subsequently faced additional charges of Possession of schedule II narcotics, Possession of meth paraphernalia, and a probation violation, two of which are felonies. 

Presidential extended families reveal odd connections

By Tom Emery

There is an old saying that “you can pick your friends, but not your relatives.”  In the case of many American Presidents, their relatives leave everyone else green with envy.
Two father-son combinations (Adams and Bush) and a grandfather-grandson duo (Harrison) have held the nation’s highest office. Many Presidential extended families, however, turn up even grander connections, usually distant cousins.
The father of the nation, George Washington, was not only a relative to James Madison, but also to future leaders of the nation he fought for independence – Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s current monarch, and Winston Churchill. 
Washington was also tied to the most famous general of a revolt against the United States, Robert E. Lee, who married the granddaughter of Washington’s stepson.  Washington and Lee were also third cousins.  Jimmy Carter is another distant descendant to the first president.             Continue


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