Cassville house fire caused by child with lighter

Cassville, WI - On the afternoon of July 20, 2014, the Grant County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call for a report of a residential fire in the Village of Cassville.
   The investigation revealed the fire was intentionally set on a bed by a child in an upstairs bedroom.  The home sustained minor to moderate smoke and water damage.  The fire was extinguished be the Cassville Fire Dept.  The Cassville Police Department was assisted by the Grant County Sheriff’s Department.
   The family was displaced by the fire and assisted by the Red Cross.  Editor’s note: The mother stated that the child got a hold of a cigarette lighter, and was playing with it.

Look what the government is doing to help us

Home Roundabouts 002

Prairie du Chien, WI - One of three roundabouts nestled between Kwik Trip and Carpets to Go along Marquette Road.  I’m sure if there were a line item veto on our state tax return, Wisconsin DOT would be defunded.

Bear raids beehives west of Elkader Iowa

WADENA, IOWA — July 17, 2014 - The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has confirmed tracks and scat left near Clayton County beehives came from a black bear.
   A DNR wildlife depredation biologist responded to a report from a beekeeper south of Wadena, near the Clayton-Fayette county line, who had found his beehives torn up. The DNR found bear scat within 25 feet of the hives. Another nearby landowner reported tracks, which were also confirmed by the DNR. That same landowner reported that he had seen a bear, which he estimated to be a female around 200 pounds, as well as two cubs. The DNR is continuing to investigate and more work is being done to confirm the size or number of bears.
   The DNR encourages people to leave the bears alone and to not feed them.  “Wild bears generally avoid people, keeping to themselves and moving along,” said Vince Evelsizer, DNR furbearer and wetland biologist. “That said, we do want people to know there is one around, and we encourage them to give the bear its space – don’t harass or follow the bear, especially if do we have a female bear with cubs.”
   If there are cubs, they would be the first cubs documented in Iowa in more than 140 years. Although once native to Iowa, black bears have not had wild populations in the state since the 1800s.
   If a bear is encountered, people are advised to:
   • Remain calm. Do not run. Stand still and talk to the bear in a calm voice
   • Do not try to get closer to the bear
   •If the bear does not get closer to you, slowly back away, talking to the bear in a quiet, monotone voice. Do not scream, turn your back on the bear, run, kneel down or make direct eye contact
   • Watch the bear and wait for it to leave
   • If the bear does not leave or approaches you, yell and wave your arms to make yourself look bigger. Throw objects, blow a whistle or an air horn. The idea is to persuade the bear to leave
   •If you are with others, stay together and act as a group. Make sure the bear has a clear escape route
   • If the bear keeps advancing, and is getting close, stand your ground. Use bear pepper spray or anything else you can find or use to threaten or distract the bear
   • Do not run or climb a tree

Inmate found hanging in jail cell

Richland County Sheriff Darrell Berglin reports that late Saturday night (07/12/2014) at 11:48pm jail staff found Jamie L. Holcomb, 27, of Whitewater, Wisconsin hanging in the sleeping area of her jail cell block.
Home Jamie L. Holcomb2 on 5.21.14

Jamie L. Holcomb on 5/21/14

   Sheriff Berglin reports that Richland County EMS was summoned to the jail and jail staff and arriving law enforcement officers used an automatic defibrillator in an attempt to resuscitate Holcomb. Compressions and rescue breathing was then started on Holcomb who was then transported to the Richland Hospital by Richland County ambulance. Holcomb was then transported to the UW Hospital in Madison where she was later pronounced dead. 
   Berglin said that Jamie Holcomb had been an inmate in the county jail since May 21st when she was booked on 3 felony bail jumping charges involving a harassment injunction violations and additional telephone harassment and misdemeanor drug charges. On May 27th Holcomb appeared in circuit court and was given a $3,000 cash bond. Berglin said she was unable to post the cash bond.
   The sheriff said that the investigation into the incident is continuing and that an autopsy was being performed on Holcomb Monday. Berglin said that the state jail inspector’s office has been notified of the death and that they would perform an evaluation of the incident.
   According to Berglin, Holcomb had listed residential addresses of  Whitewater, Kendall, Hillsboro, and Lafarge during the past two years in contacts with deputies.

Blue River woman killed in head-on collision

Update - July 14, 2014 - The people involved in this accident have been identified as Iris Wagner (deceased) (Obituray notice), and Derek Harris.  At this time alcohol or speed are not contributing factors in this crash.  The incident is still under investigation.
On 7-11-14, at 4:20 p.m., the Grant County Sheriff's Office responded to a two vehicle crash on HWY 133 at Kinney Ln, in Watterstown Township. 
   The 16 year old male (from Fennimore) driving a Dodge Dakota, was traveling westbound on Hwy 133.  The male was extricated from his vehicle, by Boscobel Fire Department, and transported to Gunderson-Boscobel Area Health Care; later Med-flighted to Madison.  The 75 year old female (from Blue River) was driving the Buick Regal, traveling eastbound on Hwy 133. 
   The female was pronounced dead at the scene.  This incident is still under investigation and further information is not being released at this time. 
   Assisting Grant County Sheriff’s Office at the scene were: Boscobel Fire and EMS, Blue River Fire and EMS, State Patrol Reconstruction Team and Med Flight.

Boy dies in grain bin accident

Update - July 16, 2014 - Follow up investigations have shown that the equipment was not plugged or inoperable [as reported below].  The 9 year old (Nathan M. Sensenig) climbed the ladder into the bin for unknown reasons and fell in.  The father was alerted by other children that the 9 year old was missing and quickly realized the boy had fallen into the bin.  It was at this point he called 911 for assistance.
   The investigation into this matter is completed and will be ruled as unfortunate, tragic accident. 
Lancaster, WI - June 10, 2014 at 11:18 a.m., the Grant County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a 9 year old male subject who had become trapped in a grain bin at 2558 Dry Hollow Road in Liberty Township.
   Rescue and Recovery operations were conducted by several fire departments and specialized teams.  At 12:35 p.m. the rescue members were able to locate the subject who was later pronounced deceased at the scene.
   The investigation shows that the half full, 7000 to 8000 bushel grain bin’s auger had become stuck and inoperable.  The male subject and several family members were attempting to fix the auger when the boy became trapped inside the grain bin.

Iowa DNR issues warning about smoke from
Pattison mine fire

Officials at the mine aren’t sure what materials are burning, but conveyor belts and plastic piping are likely on fire.
   Quantities of tires and fertilizer that are stored in the mine are in the Consolidated Barge and Grain area, an entirely separate part of the mine, and are not at risk of catching fire.
   Smoke from fires can contain hazardous materials including small particles. People in the area should avoid heavy smoke and areas where odors of burning are prevalent. Groups that may be especially vulnerable to respiratory problems include the elderly, children, pregnant women and asthmatics. They should take extra precautions to avoid the smoke.
   Generally, stay upwind of smoke, avoid areas of dense smoke, limit outdoor activity and contact a health care provider if having difficulty breathing.
   The DNR is working with Pattison to hold water and foam from fire fighting materials on-site. Pattison officials are working with the Mine Safety and Health Administration to fight the fire.
   Pattison produces industrial sand for the natural gas and oil industries.

Clayton Iowa - June 10, 2014 - A fire broke out in the Pattison Sand Mine at 7:45 a.m. today.  The company reports that all miners exited the mine safely, and there were no injuries.  The mine will remain closed for 36 to 48 hours to give the Mining Safety and Health Administration time to investigate.


Thursday, July 24, 2014 

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